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Showing posts from November 20, 2011

Firefox Tab Tip

As the majority of my readers seem to use Firefox, you should find this tip very handy.  Do you have some favorite websites that you visit regularly? I sure do. I always check Facebook and this blog.  Now, I don't have to type in or click on the bookmark. I can have it up and always available.  It is called "pinning and this feature is called an App Tab . Open the page you wish to pin. Right click on the tab. Select "Pin as App Tab" Want to un-pin the tab? Right-click on the App Tab and select "Unpin Tab" from the menu.  How easy is that?  Just a cool tip!


Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving filled with love, family and food!   From my family to yours, have a great day!

Word Processing Confusionisms

With the vast amount of word processing programs that are available today, no one should be missing this option on their computer. The problem is when you want to share the file with other people. With Microsoft, we have the 2007 version, then add OpenOffice and their versions.. all with different file extensions at the end of the file name (.doc, .odp, .docx etc.)  Talk about confusing! Generally speaking, you can open these files on various computers with newer software but older versions just don't have the capability to open .odp or .docx files, for example.  If you are unsure about the recipient's software, I suggest you use .doc when you save your file to allow your document to be backwards compatible. If you have a newer word processing program you can use .pdf.  This format can be opened by most computers automatically.  Older computers may need to download a free reader. Office 2007 should have the PDF option when you select "Save As". If it doesn&

Turkey Day Around the Corner

Cleaning, slicing, dicing, stuffing, baking, washing, mixing, cooking.. all for one large, expansive meal of Thanksgiving! But not everyone has family recipes to fall back on during the holiday season, so where do you turn? Lost Aunt Sadie's sweet potato pie recipe? Browsing through hundreds of cookbooks for just the right recipe may take hours or days without results. Turn to the ultimate resource for recipes.. the web.  There are thousands of websites dedicated to recipes, but my preference is a website that has feedback from other users, the option to print without ads and a decent search to locate the perfect recipe.  My all time favorite is / because it has all of the features I prefer with a great many people willing to login and rate the recipes.  Put in the ingredient in the search engine, sort by title, rating or popularity and you have a fantastic recipe database at your finger tips. Didn't find Aunt Sadie's recipe? Well Google makes s