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Showing posts from June 3, 2012

Bookmarks in the Cloud

I, like many people, have more than one computer. I have my laptop and my desktop. Each has internet and sometimes I want to retrieve a website that I have in my bookmarks (or favorites) on a different system.  For a low premium (about a buck a month as of this writing), you can add your iPhone, iPad, Dolphin browser, Android or Blackberry. Once again, the cloud comes in handy. Today, I am testing out Xmarks for Firefox (my preferred browser) although it is also available for Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Basically Xmark synchronizes your computer bookmarks between all your computers saving them on a "cloud". You have a username and password to protect your favorite links.  I found the online bookmarks easy to manipulate, deleting some that I haven't used in years. Synchronizing seemed fairly simple and easy to use.   Check it out! ☺