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Showing posts from April 13, 2014

Friday Funny: Google

My husband's comment was, "Do you think Google has too much time on their hands?" Well, even geeks need to play.. so check out. These are called Google Easter Eggs and it is a lot of fun going on this Easter egg hunt. Go to and type in the word "tilt" (without the quotes) and check out what happens.  Want to see what google looked like in 1998? Type in "Google in 1998" and see what happens.  Do you know what recursion means?  Well Google does.  Type in "recursion" Type in ‘zerg rush’ into Google and shoot the o's with your cursor before they clear the page. Now look for the next one in Google images.  Type in "atari breakout" and you get to play this old, addictive game.   So, now you know... Geeks have an interesting sense of humor.  ☺

Throwback Thursday: Email

Protect Yourself from the HeartBleed Bug

The big internet news is the HeartBleed bug that isn't on your computer but a security risk found on some websites that use a certain type of encryption called OpenSSL. As I suggested last week, you might want to change your passwords on the websites you use, especially if you use the same password for many of your sites (that is a NO-NO!). But which sites are still affected? Are your passwords still at risk? Hopefully, I can help you with some of these issues to give you a little peace of mind. So, how do you know if the website you are visiting used the OpenSSL or has updated their security? Browser helpers called extensions are now popping up to alert you to websites that have not updated. For the Chrome browser you can ChromeBleed extension and with the FireFox browser, you can get the HeartBleed Checker or the FoxBleed Add-on . As of this writing, Internet Explorer and Safari have yet to have an add-on, so I encourage you to consider using a browser with the extension fo