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5 Ridiculously Simple Things I Do to Stay Focused

 I am the Queen of Procrastination and the internet is my livelihood AND my biggest distraction. Have you ever felt like you spent more time organizing than actually getting something accomplished? I sure do! Whether you work from home or just trying to balance your checkbook, here are some great tips to help you focus. 5 Ridiculously Simple Things I Do to Stay Focused

Google Search Tips IV

Did you know these Google Tips? ...  Using the search tool, type the word "weather" and add the city and state, zip code or city and country. ...To see current market data for a company or fund, type the ticker symbol into the search box. On the results page, you can click the link to see more data from Google Finance. ....To see scores and schedules for sports teams type the team name or league name into the search box. Check out more tips and tricks at their Search Tips & Tricks website. Tip Source:

Procrastination Crashed the Computer

Creative Commons: Alex Shultz  I cannot tell you how many times someone said, "I just never got around to putting on antivirus software on my computer or back up the initial hard drive". The result is not always pleasant, such as loosing those important documents, family pictures or important emails. If you don't backup your new computer, you risk additional money to replace the operating system, much more than the time and a few DVDs would have cost.  If you don't keep your antivirus up-to-date or forget to have it scan your computer, my may come to regret your actions. Don't sabotage your computer by procrastination, take the time to do the needed backups, cleanups and system maintenance and keep your system running optimally, or at the very least, restorable.

Facebook: Now you can edit!

It was nice to be able to edit your comments when you replied to someone on Facebook (implemented in 2012), but I always wanted to be able to correct me my FB post errors which often occurred when I was in a hurry. When I returned and reviewed the post, I would be red faced by my mistake!  Ugh! So as of September, 2013, you can now edit your posts and your comments and see a history of those edits, just in case someone tries to switch the post to something different than the original meaning.   On your post click on the arrow on the upper right corner of your post to get the drop down menu. Select Edit. You will get the opportunity to make your changes then click Done Editing. Looking at the top of your post, under your name, you will see where it is now listed as edited. Clicking on "edited" will bring up a list of the changes on your post.   The feature works on almost any Facebook post type, including status updates, links, photos, and videos. We were, however