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Showing posts from December 22, 2013

What is real beauty?

These viral videos are what you should be showing your teens. Let them know that these are not real anymore than a Barbie doll is real in any sense of the word.  As a student using Photoshop, I know that it is very easy to manipulate images. This new trend has brought out magazines (like  Verily , a fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at women 18-35) and advertising using real women without Photoshop.    Don't be fooled. This is not real beauty.

Reviewing a Faster In-Home Wireless Router

Our old Netgear router was showing it's age, although my son says it never was that good, stating the wifi often cutting in and out on his phone.  I noticed that on occasion with my tablet as well, so I did some research and came up with the Trendnet AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Route . I have never been happier. Installation was simple and easy to follow, an improvement to previous setups that really required some technical expertise, this one was step by step easy. The wireless router has been consistent and wow.. fast.  We have two Roku systems, laptops, tablets and even a wireless Mac.  All are working fine.  The only issue is our wireless printer, a Canon MG5220, which will require some more research to get it working wirelessly for the family. There is something called a Printer Control Center utility installation required for each computer in order to access the printer. Mind you it is a little more expensive that a cheap N router, but you get what you pay for in this ca

Gift Ideas 2013

Are you like my husband, heading out today or tomorrow for those last minute gifts?  Here are some technology suggestions for the geek or non-geek in the family. I am still a big fan of the Kindle. I now own two of them, a regular 7" Kindle Fire and now an 8.9" Kindle Fire HD (3rd Gen). I am getting older so the larger screen and better resolution is wonderful.  Reading books with multiple columns is a great option not available with the 7".  Some nice added features allowed me to import my Facebook photos to my Amazon cloud drive storage. Boom. They have been saved! A front face camera is included for face to face applications.  The old one is good, but the new one is better! Note: there is an option to save a couple of bucks by allowing Amazon to place advertising on the Kindle. Personally, I paid the extra to remove it but others love the deals that are listed. Your option. Roku 3 - The new Roku available this holiday season now adds Youtube to the channel line u