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Why Update Your Browser?

I know.. it is time consuming and one more thing to do. Please note: it really could be beneficial to make sure your browser is updated.  Browser updates have security improvements and if you don't update you don't benefit from the changes putting your computer at risk for viruses or spoofs. Older browsers are more likely to crash as it may not have the latest technology to view  websites with the newest web coding, making it difficult to read or even worse, unable to view. Improved audio and video support is improved in newer versions as well. Updating your browser could make it faster!  They are perfecting many of the tools for the internet. So how do you know if your browser is up to date? Go to HELP on your browser and at the bottom is usually an "about" link which will tell you the version you are currently using. Some browsers will automatically update, but others don't so it is worth checking. Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrom