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Showing posts from December 11, 2011

eCom Etiquette

I am forwarding you onto Judith today where she discusses eCom etiquette.. Especially this time of year, what makes you a "good" customer?

Free Music Download

Sometimes a quick glance takes you through some great rabbit trails online.  So, clicking on a Facebook link from the Comedian, Tim Hawkins , lead me to McPherson Guitars, where I watched a video about the Artist of the Month, another comedian and guitar player, Mike Rayburn.   But down in the corner?  A freebie!  An  entire 'album!', so I popped this one into my Music folder and what great background music!  Hope you enjoy it too.  Go to the Expressions page , you don't need to put it in your cart.. just click the download link, or right click on the download link. Want to see the Mike Rayburn interview? Go to their home page, view the really nice introductory page and see the video at the bottom right as well as the link to the free music. Click here to check out the back Another set of MP3 downloads are from 12 Days of Christmas! Catch these while you still can.. This series include: Day 1 – “Ave Maria” by Celtic Woman Day 2 – “Peace on Earth”

Social Media Flow Chart

Found this great flow chart through another blogger on FB. Tracked down the source to give credit where its due..The image was created by Daryl Lang on ; click to see a larger view.. it is worth the time!