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Showing posts from June 10, 2012

Digital Libraries: Books for Kids

More and more books are becoming available digitally, and one of the more popular genres to come to your e-reader is the children's book. More and more e-readers and tablets, such as Kindle, Nook, Android and iOS (Apple) now support graphics, comics and even interactive books.  Kindle for Android Tablets and Kindle Cloud Reader now show a two-page view if you have a wide screen. The advantage is that the text can be enlarged and they can zoom in on pictures.  For younger children, the interactivity and animation gives life to a book.   There are many companies jumping on this bandwagon, such as Disney , Scholastic's Storia , Barnes and Noble with Nook Kids and Mobi Stories . So what does the future look like? Although I know that physical books will probably not go away completely, I see tablets over books in the classroom and in the home.  Welcome to the digital age. ☺

Browser Quick Tips

Just a few quick tips to make your web surfing go a little bit easier! Type the name of a web site such as 'dailymouseclicks' into your browser's address bar and press CTRL and Enter to automatically add http://www and .com and be taken to the site.  Use Tab and Shift and Tab to move between links on a web page and press Enter to follow the selected link.  Want to find something on a webpage without reading the entire thing?  CTRL and F and you can performed an in-page search. ☺

Facebook Trends: For Sale Pages

The new trend on Facebook is "for sale" pages, for everything from prom dresses, textbooks and livestock. I belong to a few of these local groups and like to sell and buy on occasion, but not every day.  I also hate the fact that these posts are sent to my email and I really am not interested in being bombarded by the large number of posts and bumps (a bump is when the owner of the post wants the post to move back up to the top of the page, so they put post a comment with a period, or write the word 'bump', for example.) This is an easy fix to remove the notifications. Go to the Facebook page of the group.   (You can find your groups on the left hand side of your Facebook wall. ) On the right, just below the cover photo (the large photo at the top) you will find the Notifications link.  Click the link and then select "settings".  The popup screen will allow you to modify the notifications that are on your wall and/or un-check the email notifications.