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Showing posts from March 9, 2014

Shameless Plug: Get Your Business Online

I am a web designer. I blog on the side (often it is even less than "on the side"), so I want to encourage you to get your business online. The State of Georgia wants you to have an online presence.  Google wants to encourage you to do the same.  So, get your business online (and I can help accomplish that goal).

A New Google Tool: Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple, basic note/list maker, kept on your Google Drive which makes it available to your desktop and your Android phone. This means that your lists and notes are synced and easily accessible at your computer or on the road.  You can add pictures, colors, set alarms and even archive your notes. At this point, it doesn't seem to be integrated with other apps, but I have a feeling that won't be long. After all, it is a newly released application. Will it replace apps like Evernote?  Probably not but not every individual needs the vast functionality of Evernote.  So, make your grocery list, your reminders and tasks. Google Keep will do the job just fine, ready and waiting in your Google Drive. Google Keep is currently available for devices running Android (4.0.3 and up) or through the Google Keep Web site . Notes will automatically sync between the Web site and the Android app. Cons: Well, for some reason, Google Keep is not listed in the apps on my desktop