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"Hello, This is Bridget (Or Rachel) from Card Holder Services"

When it comes to running a business, the last thing you need is to be inundated with junk phone calls and the number one pest is "Card Holder Services". Matter of fact, the FTC considers "Bridget from Card Holder Services" to be Enemy #1 . Well, the FTC may not have solved this ongoing problem but I have found help from the customer reviews at I searched online, then narrowed it down to a couple of options. I was very excited when I found the CPR Call Blocker capable of blocking 1200  (yes, 1200) numbers. Robocallers can change their number and I still can block them!  I reduced the robocallers to my business line within a couple of days of adding this device. CPR Call Blocker V108 - 1200 Number Capacity - World #1 - Block Telemarketing Calls Now! ( Affiliate Link but personal review without any payment. Just passing on a great tip!) The setup took about 15 minutes for me (some said it only took a couple of minutes in the reviews). The ins

Is your website really working for you??

Do you truly know the purpose of your website? Does it actually have value (sales, marketing, communication) or is it just a brochure with a low conversion rate (site visitors to paying customers)? Do people even know there is a website? Is it static or does it change, giving people a reason to return? Does it answer your customer's questions or do they have to contact you and wait for a response? So many questions, but only good reflection with make a beneficial website.

Reduce Your Email Workload with the "Three-Email Rule"

 Do you spend hours on your emails, trying to explain or make things clear? Consider this article to reduce confusion and misunderstandings. Reduce Your Email Workload with the "Three-Email Rule" ☺

How Much Business Is Your Profanity Costing You? - Michael Hyatt

How Much Business Is Your Profanity Costing You? - Michael Hyatt

Don't Get Fooled by Scam Pages

I was watching a video on a page that was shared on Facebook and I must have clicked or scrolled over an advertisement on the side of this website... OOPS!  This scam website popped up. Now I know that my machine is clean and I don't have any viruses. (Yes, I even double checked after this happened with my OWN software on my machine. )  Now what do you do? Is my system infected? Most likely not but this has captured your browser. Matter of fact, it won't let you out of this page, you can't close your browser either so you need to know how to get out of it without clicking on something that might download something nasty.  I'm not saying that this site will do that but I didn't click around to find out. The best thing to do is not to click on anything on this page. Just hold down the CTL key, ALT key and DELETE keys all at the same time on your keyboard.  This will allow you to access the task manager (below) of your computer.  Find the name of your browser