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Unsecure Networks

This is the last day! Don't forget to put in your entries for the contest! So you have a wireless network at your home.. you don't need to be 'plugged' in to actually get onto the internet with your laptop, e-reader or tablet.  But can others access your wireless system? Maybe your neighbors, or their kids? Well, it does put your own information at risk when your wireless router doesn't have a password.  It also could set you up for some nasty legal entanglements if the person using your wireless was (unbeknownst to you) downloading pirated media, like a recent case in Massachusetts .  So, you need to be sure your system is secure.  If you had to enter a code to link up your computer to the wireless, you are probably all set.  Let's see if we can walk you through some of these issues.  The easiest thing would be to have the instructions from your wireless router. It would eliminate some of the 'guesswork' as each system can be a little uni

The Virtual Marketplace: Selling Your Books

Used textbooks, fictional books you have read, games that you no longer use and a wide range of other items that take up space can be sold. Most people think about Ebay when it comes to online sales, but if it is sold on Amazon, you can sell your items there as well. Amazon has the Amazon Marketplace, where individuals and businesses sell their items at a fixed price. Amazon sets the shipping costs as well. Once the item is sold, ship it and your funds will be deposited into your bank account. So, the first step is to find out if your item is on Amazon. Make sure you have the correct exact edition or ISBN number. Click to Enlarge Then look on the right side, down below and find the text  "Have one to sell? and the button to "Sell on Amazon".  You will need to setup an account, just follow the steps.  They will ask for your bank account information so the funds can be directly deposited into your account. Once the account is set, you can submit the item infor

Teach Kids About Online Safety

  Click here for more about the Daily Mouse Clicks Giveaway! There are some key points that your children need to know as you allow them to venture onto the Internet. Many times we take these things for granted but kids need your instruction and guidance. 1. Keep password secret.  Even my 19 year old recently used our Netflix account on a friend's computer.. DUH!  The first rule of Internet safety is: keep passwords secret. 2.  When kids use social networks, they are often vulnerable to phishing scams, cyber-bullying, and Internet predators.  Teach them never to share personal information and to communicate with you any situation that makes them unsure or uncomfortable. 3. If your kids are blogging, preview what they are writing before they post. They could be providing too much information, putting themselves in danger.  4. Teach them to be wary of things that are too good to be true. Kids are easily scammed and account for 31% of the reported identity theft. 5. Educat

Download Online Videos

So, today's "found video" was produced by Cnet for those that need/want to download videos for your personal use. It reviews how to use a website and a Firefox addon, either of which will accomplish your task. ☺ DON'T FORGET OUR GIVEAWAY IS STILL TAKING ENTRIES!  

The New Visual Network: Pinterest

This new up and rising website star has no visible means of support, contains millions of pictures and receives visits from 10 million people in the U.S. each month. It was listed as one of the The 50 Best Websites of 2011 by Time Magazine.  It has received some impressive free media exposure with Reese Witherspoon stating it has "a collection of the most amazing, wonderful craftiness on the earth!" So what is Pinterest?  It has been called a visual bulletin board for the Web. People post images of what they love:  food, clothing, crafts, books, movies, decorating, travel, photography, videos.. you name it, it's there. Images are called "Pins" and they can be uploaded or with a small application added to your browser, from websites.  Once something in "pinned" on Pinterest, you can "Repin" to add it your board.  Many of the pins are linked to their original location on the web ( to double click on the full size image), so instructions