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Showing posts from March 2, 2014

Did You Know? Keyboard Shortcuts

Click here to see the full infographic . When you get to the link, use your mouse to click for larger view. Social analytics firm Quintly compiled a list of shortcuts for Facebook — as well as Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus — in the infographic below. Click on this infographic link and you will find some really neat shortcuts that might just ease your social media time.  Don't forget to read some of the little comments. Did you know that you can play "snake" with every youtube video? I didn't know that!☺

How to clean a TV screen | How To - CNET

I took a closer look at my TV screen the other day. Yikes! Obviously the dog didn't shake until she was in front of the television.  So, off I went to do my research. How do I clean this thing?  How to clean a TV screen | How To - CNET