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The Twitter revolution

 Is Twitter a breakthrough in personal communications or a colossal waste of time?  Are you on the bandwagon? Thanks to Twitter, millions of people are obsessively updating ‘friends’ on their most mundane activities. Is Twitter a breakthrough in personal communications or a colossal waste of time? What exactly is Twitter? It’s a form of electronic networking designed to instantly answer the  timeless question, “What are you doing?” At first glance, Twitter is not much different from e-mail or text messaging; you simply sign up for a free account at Twitter’s website and start sending and receiving “tweets” via computer, cell phone, or other hand-held device. But unlike text messaging or IMs, a tweet can reach potentially thousands of pre­approved “friends” at once, and there is a space limit of no more than 140 characters per tweet. “It’s the water cooler of the 21st century,” says Joel Comm, author of Twitter Power. Read more at The Twitter revolution

Technology News: Microsoft to offer Windows 8 upgrades at a discoun...

Considering an upgrade when Windows 8 is released? Good news! Technology News: Microsoft to offer Windows 8 upgrades at a discount :  Posted by David Bernstein As you may or may not know, Windows it is on its way and Microsoft is really pushing for it since it will run on PCs as well as tablets. If you are running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 then you will be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8 pro for just $39.99...

Compromised: Stolen numbers and passwords

So a call today from my husband's credit card company.. someone tried to use his card number to make a couple of large ticket purchases. Although appropriate steps were taken by the card company, if it had been smaller amounts, would they have noticed?  How about if it was local? Add to that a recent article I read about stolen passwords from another website that were used to try and access BestBuy customer accounts. Unfortunately, in this digital age, we have a security risk with corporate computer systems, credit and debit cards. If you have a credit or debit card, your accounts may have been compromised in the past.   There are steps you can take to protect yourself: Review all your charges on every bank or charge card statement. If you didn't receive your statement during the month, check online or contact them for a replacement statement. The longer a breach goes undiscovered, the more costly it becomes. Keep your passwords for each account unique!   If someone

SightSeeing: Travel Websites

Considering a vacation? Maybe a get-away to the ocean or a cabin for a weekend?  Well, the best deals can often be found online... if you know where to look. You can keep tabs on air travel prices via a site like or so you'll know a deal when you see one. I prefer to read the reviews of destination hotels at where you can check pricing at,,,, and the hotel chain website if applicable. For last minute deals check the, and  For some other options to save a few dollars try these new sites: - Support small businesses. Hotel Sweep scours smaller, independent properties not listed on major online travel agencies.   Let hotels know you are looking to book and other hotels can counteroffer, typically saving you over 20% (or getting you upgrades). checks rates for your reservatio