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More Spring Cleaning: Cleaning your Keyboard

Nasty, Dirty Keyboard! Morguefile by By Alvimann Snack crumbs, a layer of dust, dirty fingers... take a glance down at your keyboard and you will know right away that it needs a cleaning. Unless you have a washable keyboard , it will be beneficial and necessary to clean your keyboard with a little more finesse . What you will need: Can of compressed air or keyboard vacuum, melamime foam (brand name Magic Eraser or an off brand sponge eraser), cotton swabs (Q-Tip brand name is best as the cotton is secure) and some  isopropyl alcohol. Do not use ethyl-based rubbing alcohol. Lint-free cloth.  Disconnect your keyboard from your computer. If you are not using a USB keyboard, shut down the computer first before disconnecting the keyboard.  Shake the keyboard upside down to get as much out as possible. Vacuum or use compressed air (while keyboard is upside down) to remove as much dust and crumbs as possible.  You can also use your hairdryer (NO HEAT) to blow the crumbs if you do

How to Clean the TV Screen

Husband comes in from the garage with dirty hand and turns on the TV. Your child with sticky hands tries to reach the balloon on the cartoon he is watching. There are numerous ways the television screen gets dirty and messy, but STOP, don't haul out the glass cleaner!  The new televisions aren't the same as the old style. Learn how to clean them properly and protect your expensive electronics.  Click the link below. How to clean a TV screen

Is the website down?

You are trying to get to a website but you keep getting an error message! Ugh! Well let's see if we can figure out what is going on. Can you get to another website? Try or  If they answer is no, your problem is probably your connection. You will need to troubleshoot your internet connection and possibly contact your ISP. If the answer is yes, you can see the search engine website, move onto the next step. What is the error message you are receiving? - The webpage cannot be found (HTTP 404) - This means this page is no longer there. Try going to the website's home page. Were you able to view the home page? Yes? Great. If the answer is no, move onto the next step. - The website cannot display the page (HTTP 500) - If you get this message, the website is having server problems. The website could be having server problems or it may be shut down.  Try again later and see if your results are the same. - Is the website requiring some sort of plugin or ad