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Sweet Stuff: To-Do Lists and Task Management

Is your New Year's resolution to become more organized? Manage your time more efficiently and accomplish more things?  Here is a Butterscotch review of three FREE software programs that may help you achieve your goals for 2012. Seems we have technical issues to imbed the video here, so pop over to Butterscotch to see the review of Total Organizer , Debrief Notes , and KnowledgeWorkshop .  

For Your New Computer

It's the day after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for the mouse... click, click, click.. Oh yes, a new PC computer for Christmas! Well, there are some pretty important steps you you need to take with your new Windows system to help the longevity of your computer and to prepare for any future problems. First, setup your wireless or connect wired to the Internet. This is important as you need to download the Windows Updates to be sure your operating system is operating properly. Next, you need a full backup. Most computers don't come with disks, so it is your responsibility to do a complete backup, one that includes the operating system. This most likely will require several DVD disks.  If you have to purchase some, do it quickly. If, for any reason, your computer system needs to be reinstalled, these disks are critical.  Label them for your specific computer model and put them in a safe place in case they are needed. Now you can c