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Showing posts from November 3, 2013

The REAL Effective To Do Lists

 I don't know about you but I have some incredibly long to do lists. Whether it is just putting together a mockup for a client or to remember to put up the next blog, my task list  can get pretty jumbled. This is a great tutorial about creating a task list.  Hope this helps and have a great weekend!

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Tips

Did you know? By pressing CTRL + BKSP, you will delete the entire word behind the cursor. This makes deleting text quicker if you up a mess up a whole word. Did you know?   We all the Copy shortcut CTRL + C and the Paste Shortcut CTRL + V. But that often causes the formatting to stay with the text. This can make things complicated when posting to an email where you didn't want it in that big font or purple. You just wanted it to be the same as what you had already typed, right?  To paste your copy as plain text, press CTRL + Shift + V and the system will paste unformatted text.

Listia: A Fun Swap Site

Well, I have been down with the flu wouldn't ya know, which has put me a little bit behind on the blogging. My apologies.  So in my hours of misery, there is a light of fun. Listia is a great spot to clean out the closet, clear out some old books and a few odds and ends.  It works with a point system instead of all cash like other auction websites.  You get a few points when you join, points when you post listings, points for bidding, points for commenting etc.  You can even get points for watching videos. And I have received a few gems in return for some unwanted items, such as a couple of nice blouses, kitchen items and some garden cuttings to grow over the winter. A few things I have had to pay for shipping (that is reasonable) and a few things have had free shipping, a nice option.  Like Ebay, be sure to be clear on your posts, provide plenty of information and if you are bidding, read carefully and ask questions. Now, if you have something of value, Ebay or Craigslist

Microsoft Report Shows Why You Should Abandon XP Now | Daves Computer Tips

 If you are still using Windows XP, you might wish to reconsider this and upgrade or move to another operating system. Not only is it no longer supported, it is a security risk if it is used online.  Check out Dave's Computer Tips post. Microsoft Report Shows Why You Should Abandon XP Now | Daves Computer Tips

My favorite Kindle (Android) Apps

I enjoy my Kindle Fire and even more so some of the apps I have been able to add to it.  Some of my favorites keep me entertained, productive or on time.  Yes, they were all free but always check before you hit the purchase button as things do change. (because I am pretty cheap.) Webroot Mobile Security - Your kindle is still a computer and as such can be infected. Keep it safe and secure with a security system.    Battery Saver 2x - Save battery life, optimize your Kindle and even kills tasks.  This is a valuable app that doesn't take much room. Evernote - I have blogged about this one before. Love it for holding information I find, pictures, tips and recipes.  Check out this post on the Web Clipper . Candy Crush - Ok, yes, it is a game I recently started playing. It is a fun and challenging game and I love a challenge. Twonky Beam - This one is a little more challenging to describe in a small space. Basically, it allows me to stream Youtube, Vimeo, News Channels, TED an