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Document Version Control

Click to Enlarge When I look in my documents folder I am often overwhelmed at the amount of files that have been added over the years. The problem is that often when I am writing a letter or document, I save a copy, maybe revise it and it could be multiple versions all in the document folder. So, what is the best way to keep these files straight? Well, the professionals find a consistent system to maintain their files. When saving a file, don't overwrite an existing file but use the "Save As". You can name it (preferably something that makes sense) with a backup copy (Document.old.txt) or even use a version number or date (Document_V1.txt, DocumentMarch2012.txt) Sometimes it is easier to keep all the versions in a separate folder. Right-click on a blank spot and left-click to select "New" and "Folder".  Keeping your files organized can make things so much easier.. but that's another article! ☺

What You REALLY need to know

So, when a computer person (or company) is helping you with a computer problem, what do you think we wish you had known?  The truth is, you have probably been told these things over and over, so today, I am going to reiterate the obvious. Make sure you have recovery disks - These are disks that contain your operating system.  When you first get your computer, you are usually given the option to backup the system which includes all the essential items for your computer. This option is free and highly recommended. You can also order them from the manufacturer (HP, Dell etc.) but it will cost anywhere from $15 to $50. If your computer needs a clean install, which happens occasionally, and you don't have the disks,  you will have to go out and purchase a new copy. Windows 7 is running at about $100 at the time of this article.  If it is another operating system, it actually could be even more. Make sure you have one (and only one) antivirus program on your computer - Make sure it

Cleaning your Monitor

CRT Monitor Ever wonder how to clean your monitor?  Well, these days, you need to know what type of monitor you have!  The old large CRT monitors have glass screens and can be cleaned with a paper towel moistened lightly with glass cleaner. But these days, monitors (and laptops) are LCD, LED, or plasma. These have to be handled differently than the old days. You will need a dry soft cloth. Do not use paper towels or even facial tissues as they can damage the surface.  You can use a microfiber cloth, a cloth for cleaning glasses or  an old, soft, cotton handkerchief, it must be ultra-soft. This one needs cleaning! You will need some distilled water or a mixture with an equal ratio of distilled water to white vinegar.  You don't want to have mineral deposits that can leave white streaks so don't use tap water.  Or purchase a special monitor cleaner such as the Screen Clean LCD Screen Cleaning Kit .  If you are considering your household cleaners, read the ingredi

Desktop II: Capturing Backgrounds

Click to Enlarge Maybe you don't have any cool images or family pictures you want to use for your desktop background.  Well, don't worry. You have an incredible world of image resources at your fingertips.  There are many, many sites that have wallpaper backgrounds. A recent article in the TechRepublic had some beautiful pictures on the northern lights, and some others of public domain images (meaning can be used without any copyright infringement) from the U.S. National Parks. Click to Enlarge It is easy.. just right-click over the large image (the larger the better for the best picture) and left-click on "Set as Desktop Background". A dialog box will pop up to give you a couple of options such as stretching your image or setting the background color. Want to create "theme" or a variety of desktop backgrounds in Vista or Windows 7?  When you right click on the image, left click on "save image as",  then create your own theme. Cl

Changing your Desktop Background

This may be a simple thing to some, but to others, it probably is just one of those features that you never thought to change.  But this customizing really personalizes your computer and it just might bring a smile to your face each time you face the monitor! So, you have a picture you would like to have as your background? How about a series of pictures, like some of your animals, friends, kids or grandkids?  I have a theme (a series of pictures) of horses that changes every thirty minutes.  How cool is that? Click to Enlarge In Windows 7, right click on the desktop and click on "Personalize" once with your left mouse button. [The box that pops up is called a dialogue box.]  You can personalize your screen by selecting preset themes or you can put together your own by clicking the "Desktop Background" near the bottom left. At that point you can browse your files to find the picture(s) you would like to add to the desktop. You may need to play around with