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Funny Little Characters

Ever wonder how to make those cute facebook symbols such as musical notes and hearts on your PC? You can add them to your documents, emails and more if you know the secret. These are special character codes. Although there are different ways to create these, this is a fairly easy keyboard shortcut to what is called the "character map" on your computer. [You can find the character map by clicking on the Microsoft start menu button and typing in "Character Map".]

If you’re on a laptop make sure you ‘Num Lock’ is on! The ‘Num Lock’ button is on the top right of your keyboard. Next, hold down ‘alt’ (the one in the bottom left of your keyboard or on either side of the space bar) and type the following on the numeric keyboard (not the top row of numbers):

Hold ‘alt’ then type 1 – ☺
Hold ‘alt’ then type 2 – ☻
Hold ‘alt’ then type 3 – ♥
Hold ‘alt’ then type 4 – ♦
Hold ‘alt’ then type 5 – ♣
Hold ‘alt’ then type 6 – ♠
Hold ‘alt’ then type 7 – •
Hold ‘alt’ then type 8 – ◘
Hold ‘alt’ then type 9 – ○
Hold ‘alt’ then type 10 – ◙
Hold ‘alt’ then type 11 – ♂
Hold ‘alt’ then type 12 – ♀
Hold ‘alt’ then type 13 – ♪
Hold ‘alt’ then type 14 – ♫
Hold ‘alt’ then type 15 – ☼
Hold ‘alt’ then type 16 – ►
Hold ‘alt’ then type 17 – ◄
Hold ‘alt’ then type 18 – ↕
Hold ‘alt’ then type 19 – ‼ (it’s one character!)
Hold ‘alt’ then type 20 – ¶

Now, you can sing ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday ♫ ♪ to your friends!

(First published by McAllister Park Design on Facebook, November 12, 201.)


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